Fresh Produce

We have a variety of home grown vegetables that have been entered in competitions and won awards.

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Horseback Riding

For rides through our woodland trails, as well as for other activities for work or play we have many friendly horses on the farm.

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Farm Animals

There is a wide variety of animals on our farm. Some for work, some for sale, and others for activities with guests.

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Our small farm features nice animals: warm-blood horses, Irish Dexter cattle, English Setter bird dogs; and a variety of chickens, turkeys, quail and more – all well-tended to, on acres and acres of fields and woods in Starks Maine. We offer riding and horsemanship lessons for beginners. We have crops in the garden, a greenhouse, newly planted orchards, old fruit trees, and a grape vine. We tend to our bees for honey, and raise farm-fresh meat and eggs. We harvest berries, herbs, maple syrup, and we have a old-time apple press for making apple cider (lots of fun).

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