We are Bud, Sarah, and Cole Martin. We have been on the farm since July 2013 and have made multiple upgrades and improvements to an existing farm with many more to come.

Bud is Maine native currently a professor at the University of Maine at Farmington in the Community Health Program.  He is behavioral scientist with a great interest in human ecology and runs the farm.

Sarah is currently assistant professor at Husson University School of Pharmacy, and promotes healthy communities through local foods.   Sarah also processes and markets products and services on the farm.

Cole is currently in seventh grade, and is an aspiring agricultural engineer and animal handler.  He is a western rider and a big help for his mom and dad.

Our small farm features nice animals: warm-blood horses, Irish Dexter cattle, English Setter bird dogs; and a variety of chickens, turkeys, quail and more – all well-tended to, on acres and acres of fields and woods in Starks Maine. We offer riding and horsemanship lessons for beginners. We have crops in the garden, a greenhouse, newly planted orchards, old fruit trees, and a grape vine. We tend to our bees for honey, and raise farm-fresh meat and eggs. We harvest berries, herbs, and maple syrup.