As well as a full garden, we also have a variety of animals on the farm. Some for work and some for play.   We have more photos on Facebook!


There are several of the nicest, kindest, helpful horses anywhere helping with the work here on the farm. The matriarch is Ruby a 8 year old halflinger- saddlebred mare that can do anything – and she keeps the herd in line. Her sister Emma is a Belgian saddlebred cross 6 years old and just lovely. She has a couple nice boys Woody and Nick. Woody is off showing the world what a great horse he is. Nick is a just a lanky yearly who is a dream. Nick’s uncle Mike is a 4 year old gelding we affectionately call little Mike. He’s pretty big – clydesdale saddlebred- but he still thinks he’s my little friend. Raven is a Shire and absolutely wonderful at 11 years old and due to have a foal in June. We are so excited!


We raise Irish Dexter cows and have about 15 at any given time. They are all very special and lovely. We are working toward a red herd.,and currently have a couple really nice herd sires, as well as a few nice heifers and half dozen good cows. We do have just one pet cow, Molly she was our first and is a beautiful little milker.


We like to keep a few egg laying hens to use for eggs, and to provide eggs to hatch we sell a few chicks each spring and summer.  We also raise enough meat chickens to provide a good source of healthy white chicken for those friends and neighbors who want it.

English Setters

We love our dog Dibs. She is the quintessential bird dog and we plan to breed her this winter for a nice litter available May or June.  And then there is the family wonder dog Charlie, completely black and beautiful.



We often raise a few pigs to help clean things up around here.



Who doesn’t want a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, or perhaps Christmas? Ours are raised in a humane manner, and taste good.


Muscovy, Peking, and a few other breeds. For sale, and/or order their eggs. Duck eggs are great for baking.


Barn Cats

We have the coolest, hardiest barn cats. Friendly too. These cats can survive Maine winters in the barn, and we sell kittens from time to time.


We often (not always) have quail. Great for those who want to train their dogs, or try hard boiled quail eggs as a neat appetizer.