Bud Martin

 Owns the farm with his wife and son. He is division chair of Community Health Education, Recreation and Rehabilitation Service. He is the infrastructure guy. Bud is always busy making good things better (haying, cutting wood, fixing fences, and feeding livestock to name a few things). 

Sarah Martin

The farmer’s wife and son’s mother. Busy keeping the grass cut,the plants watered, weeded, and harvested. Processing food
more than half the year. Even roasting green coffee beans as time

Cole Martin

The young colt’s friend, and Charlie’s boy. Cole is 14 years old and attends the 8th grade. He plays piano and guitar most of the day.

Ivy Rasco

She is the senior horse gal and teaches in a special ed classroom. She has a BA from Wheaton College and has been managing and teaching in horse programs and summer camps for 45 years. She holds a CHA level 4 certification and a Path Certification. All of the Martin Woods horses have come from her breeding program. She likes to ride as well as drive and share her passion for most things equine.

Ana Paradis

A recent college graduate and avid equestrian, Ana is a farm hand, trail leader,
and riding instructor here at the farm. She has been riding horses since she was six years old. She started out western pleasure, but as she got more involved in the equestrian world she joined Pony Club and began competing in Three Phase Eventing. With her extensive riding history, Ana is able instruct beginner to intermediate dressage, show-jumping, and cross country riders in addition to some western pleasure. She has even dabbled in some beginner trick training and natural horsemanship. Her horse Patches, comes when he is called, knows how to bow, and knows how to wave at visitors.

Cherish Bridges

     Cherish is our newest equestrian staff. She has 18 years of experience with horses and other livestock. She works as assistant to the equine director at Miracle Mountain Ranch in Pennsylvania where she trains horses, instructs, and teaches a horse science class. In the summer of 2019, she plans on becoming the creator and director of their therapeutic riding program. Cherish is available up at Martin Woods for lessons and riding.


Katelyn Helger

    As in avid horsewoman for over 20 years, Katelyn has so much to bring to the table for this program at Martin Woods. She is a graduate of Meredith Manor Equestrian College and former coach of UMass Dartmouth Equestrian Team. She has been the manager of a large riding facility and the director of a large horseback riding lesson program previously.  Katelyn has trained many horses, rescued, and re-homed many as well. Expressed through her expertise and experience, she has a very calm, encouraging, and methodical approach to her instruction and training which has made her successful throughout the years. Katelyn is qualified to teach all disciplines of riding as well as Horsemanship classes. Please contact her directly if you would like to schedule a lesson. (207)420-6673  Katelynhelger@gmail.com